All the world’s a stage

Just how lucky can one town be?  We live in what is considered a paradise, without the pressure of traffic, pollution and  lack of space. And then just so we don’t  feel  lonely or isolated  –  the world comes to visit US!   When we all start to get on each others nerves,  the world goes back to where they came from and peace and tranquillity settles on our quiet and slow town.

This year it seemed that a larger portion of the world visited us  and for once the weather  put on her sunniest smile.

At the market we saw cats in hats, dogs galore, hairstyles that defied gravity and plenty of visitors relaxing and enjoying our casual life style.   A big thank  you to all who brought  your friends and family to support us.  In the words of an old family tradition  “Thanks for coming and thanks for going” – but please come back again next  holidays