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Beware – Tiddly Tortoises at Large!

A visit to Sedgefield’s very own Craft Brewery at Scarab Village is a must. Gee whizz – they’re giving the beer away for free. Well, just for tasting you understand. So if you were looking for a slightly different brew, you should try the new Tiddly Tortoise brew. The American Pale Ale was created by Tony, the brew […]

The heart made story

This is not  a “fairy” story  but is about a real family living in our community. “There has always been an appreciation for beautiful things in our home. Perhaps it is because there are six young daughters and a crafty mother dreaming and imagining what they will make tomorrow. From the first moment any of […]

A to Z of art around the world

Being retrenched from one’s secure employment is a traumatic experience.    So it’s a choice – go into a depressive state or get out there and make a plan.  Kate Grobler, who was retrenched in 2008, made a plan of which she never dreamed would find it’s way into homes ALL ROUND THE WORLD (with the […]

Meet the Potjie King

Once upon a time, just over 6 years ago, Ben Snow, a young English blacksmith, arrived in South Africa. His motives for the move were our sunny shores and his then South African girlfriend, Lisa. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would become a king. After much discussion around the many braais to which Ben […]

Cake to die for?

In spite of the advanced technological world in which we live, there are some things that still have intrinsic pleasure like a hot bath, sunsets and chocolate cake, just to name a few.   But what do you do if you are denied these delights?    It is said (on the Internet, so it must be true) […]

Crime of Passion

Back in the day when Scarab Market was on their original site and the present market site was a large and heavily treed plant nursery, small wild animals used to roam the bush in that area.  With the devastation of the floods, many of the trees died and thus the habitation of these small animals […]

The Saw that came home

In the 1880s, John Henry Skinner established J H Skinner & Co. In 1895 the publication Hobbies Weekly was launched. This promoted a wide range of hobbies to an eager readership and led to a massive increase in business for J H Skinner & Co.In 1897  Hobbies Weekly and J H Skinner & Co amalgamated […]

All the world’s a stage

Just how lucky can one town be?  We live in what is considered a paradise, without the pressure of traffic, pollution and  lack of space. And then just so we don’t  feel  lonely or isolated  –  the world comes to visit US!   When we all start to get on each others nerves,  the world goes […]

Happy Holidays from all at Scarab Paper

Our shops and restaurant are open every day and it’s a must to visit our unique Craft Market every Saturday Come shopping at Bead Magic                          Nanette         082 651 6566 Carpenter’s Cross               Denis              082 334 7573 Da Zel gardens                    Zelda              072 442 1640 Die Koekhuis                        Beaulinda     074 249 1573 Living Rocks                         Rita                 082 654 8367 Natural […]