Cake to die for?

In spite of the advanced technological world in which we live, there are some things that still have intrinsic pleasure like a hot bath, sunsets and chocolate cake, just to name a few.   But what do you do if you are denied these delights?    It is said (on the Internet, so it must be true) that chocolate stimulates the grey matter and clearly Sedgefield  Chocolate Cake connoisseurs can boast of some creative ways of acquiring their fix.

On several occasions a thief has broken into Die Windpomp Diner at night – and stolen the chocolate cake and amid the sirens and security  has escaped sometimes dropping some of the delicious fare along the way.   Now Tania, the owner, has a generous nature and for a nominal price provides freshly baked Chocolate cake every day.  So please if you could make a regular stop at Die Windpomp Diner to savour her cake, we might save  on the window panes that are broken by the crook