Crime of Passion

Back in the day when Scarab Market was on their original site and the present market site was a large and heavily treed plant nursery, small wild animals used to roam the bush in that area.  With the devastation of the floods, many of the trees died and thus the habitation of these small animals diminished.  Occasionally small hoof prints are seen in the sand, various poisonous snakes have given a few ‘skriks’ and the tortoises still roam freely.

So when our large spotted leaf arums disappeared overnight, we were outraged.    Influenced by the night mare stories we are bombarded with by the media we imagined unscrupulous gardeners, of which Sedgefield possibly has a few (That’s conjecture m’lord) carting off barrow loads of much loved arums.

On closer inspection the evidence revealed that porcupines had cleanly removed the plants at a midnight feast.  Perhaps it was Porcupine New Year or the Year of the Lily in Porcupinedom. Who knows but only in Sedgefield, hey.