Beware – Tiddly Tortoises at Large!

A visit to Sedgefield’s very own Craft Brewery at Scarab Village is a must. Gee whizz – they’re giving the beer away for free. Well, just for tasting you understand. So if you were looking for a slightly different brew, you should try the new Tiddly Tortoise brew. The American Pale Ale was created by Tony, the brew master and his two sons, Scott from Durban and Ross who lives in New Zealand.

They call it their special occasion brew – Christmas, Easter, Oyster festival in fact any special occasion, even one of your own making, like a landmark birthday or wedding. With due notice, Tony could personalise the labels. The Brewery is also a great place for a private function for about 50 people. If you are interested, call Tony at 082 901 4268

The heart made story

This is not  a “fairy” story  but is about a real family living in our community.

“There has always been an appreciation for beautiful things in our home. Perhaps it is because there are six young daughters and a crafty mother dreaming and imagining what they will make tomorrow. From the first moment any of us could hold a needle or a pair of scissors, we have been happily creating beautiful, original handmade gifts for our friends and family.  Love, smiles and a great deal of thought goes into every  stitch and seam and some things became too special to the family to be given away.  As our home became a storehouse for our creations, we realised that the  gifts and treasures which brought us so much joy in creation could be shared and enjoyed by others all over the world.

Heartmade is not just another gift store;  it is a passion and hobby combined, the dream of a family who love to embrace the beauty of giving and sharing”

Come and meet Kelly and Nancy at the market every Saturday

A to Z of art around the world

Being retrenched from one’s secure employment is a traumatic experience.    So it’s a choice – go into a depressive state or get out there and make a plan.  Kate Grobler, who was retrenched in 2008, made a plan of which she never dreamed would find it’s way into homes ALL ROUND THE WORLD (with the exception of Antarctica).  Her art, which is inspired by  her collecting and selling of second hand goods, has called to many minds memories of old coffee pots and enamel ware, from Argentina to Zambia and all the countries in between.  That’s not bad for a girl who is self taught?

Come and see her work every Saturday morning at Scarab Craft market

Meet the Potjie King

Once upon a time, just over 6 years ago, Ben Snow, a young English blacksmith, arrived in South Africa. His motives for the move were our sunny shores and his then South African girlfriend, Lisa. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would become a king. After much discussion around the many braais to which Ben was invited, he saw a gap in the market for a compact, stainless steel charcoal burner. He imagined that this burner would be his bread and butter line and he could then go on to creating ornamental wrought iron ware. But alas, that never happened. The Potjie King’s burner has become so popular, exporting to Australia, Namibia and Germany, that he just manages to keep up with production. And oh yes, the story doesn’t end there. Ben became a king, married the beautiful Lisa and together they have cute Princess Isabella. They haven’t found a suitable palace as yet but a happily ever after is predicted.

Cake to die for?

In spite of the advanced technological world in which we live, there are some things that still have intrinsic pleasure like a hot bath, sunsets and chocolate cake, just to name a few.   But what do you do if you are denied these delights?    It is said (on the Internet, so it must be true) that chocolate stimulates the grey matter and clearly Sedgefield  Chocolate Cake connoisseurs can boast of some creative ways of acquiring their fix.

On several occasions a thief has broken into Die Windpomp Diner at night – and stolen the chocolate cake and amid the sirens and security  has escaped sometimes dropping some of the delicious fare along the way.   Now Tania, the owner, has a generous nature and for a nominal price provides freshly baked Chocolate cake every day.  So please if you could make a regular stop at Die Windpomp Diner to savour her cake, we might save  on the window panes that are broken by the crook

Crime of Passion

Back in the day when Scarab Market was on their original site and the present market site was a large and heavily treed plant nursery, small wild animals used to roam the bush in that area.  With the devastation of the floods, many of the trees died and thus the habitation of these small animals diminished.  Occasionally small hoof prints are seen in the sand, various poisonous snakes have given a few ‘skriks’ and the tortoises still roam freely.

So when our large spotted leaf arums disappeared overnight, we were outraged.    Influenced by the night mare stories we are bombarded with by the media we imagined unscrupulous gardeners, of which Sedgefield possibly has a few (That’s conjecture m’lord) carting off barrow loads of much loved arums.

On closer inspection the evidence revealed that porcupines had cleanly removed the plants at a midnight feast.  Perhaps it was Porcupine New Year or the Year of the Lily in Porcupinedom. Who knows but only in Sedgefield, hey.

The Saw that came home

In the 1880s, John Henry Skinner established J H Skinner & Co. In 1895 the publication Hobbies Weekly was launched. This promoted a wide range of hobbies to an eager readership and led to a massive increase in business for J H Skinner & Co.In 1897  Hobbies Weekly and J H Skinner & Co amalgamated to form Hobbies Ltd which became a legend. Rapid expansion followed with retail shops in many major cities. Before long Hobbies Ltd became the largest manufacturer of fretwork tools and supplies in the world. Generations of fretworkers purchased designs and materials from Hobbies. First for their own enjoyment, later for their children and grandchildren.

When our friend Bert Parker from Cape Town realised that J H Skinner was Anne’s Great Grandfather he gave her his A 1  Hobbies treadle fretsaw, made in the early 1920s, now retired but still in working order in the work(ing) shop at the Natural Edge in Scarab Village.

Please feel free to pop in to see this interesting little piece of history.

All the world’s a stage

Just how lucky can one town be?  We live in what is considered a paradise, without the pressure of traffic, pollution and  lack of space. And then just so we don’t  feel  lonely or isolated  –  the world comes to visit US!   When we all start to get on each others nerves,  the world goes back to where they came from and peace and tranquillity settles on our quiet and slow town.

This year it seemed that a larger portion of the world visited us  and for once the weather  put on her sunniest smile.

At the market we saw cats in hats, dogs galore, hairstyles that defied gravity and plenty of visitors relaxing and enjoying our casual life style.   A big thank  you to all who brought  your friends and family to support us.  In the words of an old family tradition  “Thanks for coming and thanks for going” – but please come back again next  holidays

Happy Holidays from all at Scarab Paper

Our shops and restaurant are open every day and it’s a must to visit our unique Craft Market every Saturday

Come shopping at

Bead Magic                          Nanette         082 651 6566

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Da Zel gardens                    Zelda              072 442 1640

Die Koekhuis                        Beaulinda     074 249 1573

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Sedgefield Craft brewery Tony               082 901 4268

Windpomp Diner               Tania              082 376 0503

Every Day up to 24th December  Masithandane  (who care for those in need in the greater Sedgefield area) will be demonstrating their mosaic skills at our Village.  If you are interested in an interactive session on Tuesday or Thursdays call Patricia at 076 324 8960

18th November Thursday  @ 7.00pm

Milho – South American Artist playing Pan flute & guitar

A performance not to be missed.  Cash bar & supper available

R40 per head

25th December 2014 – Christmas lunch – Click here for more details

31st December 2014 – New Years Eve Dance – Click here for more details